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Seizure Neck Buff

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Seizure Neck Buff


I have always been fascinated by drug dealers lovingly displaying photos of their drugs, watches, guns, cars, etc.  They also look a lot like the DEAs photo when the shit gets seized.

On the other end, rich ladies on the Upper East Side signal their status with designer scarves.  So naturally, I crossed the two and made it into a neck buff, which has kinda become the cyclist's scarf.

Soft and comfortable micro-polyester knitted neck buff.  Designed to be extremely breathable while providing a layer of protection from the elements. 

84% Polyester

16% Elastane

Made in Italy

care instructions

Care Instructions

Wash whites and dark colors separately in cold water.
Wash inside out and zipped up.
Do not tumble dry. Hang and dry instead.
Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.
Do not use softeners, washing powders and avoid big commercial detergents.
Do use enzyme-free detergents like Seventh Generation, Trader Joes or LeBlanc.