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Pretty goodr Cap + Superflys

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Pretty goodr Cap + Superflys
Pretty goodr Cap + Superflys
Pretty goodr Cap + Superflys


Pretty goodr at Bikes Cap + goodr glasses at an unbeatable price!  

When a fast-growing super-hip company like goodr wants to collab you have to be on your A-game.  So we immediately started our laborious process of intense drawing and meditation.  But then there was that whole Selena Gomez/Bella Hadid kerfuffle, then our snub at the American Influencers Awards (yes, it's a thing).  So naturally, we got distracted.

Long story short... hours before our deadline, we drew what had been sitting there the whole time; a blank cap with the sunglasses sitting on top - and they bought it.  And now so can you!    

Coffeeshop Seat Sweats feature reflective mirrored polarized lenses, glare reducing and UV400 protection to block the harmful effects from the suns rays. goodrs lightest glasses yet, weighing in at just 20g you won't have to worry about having that extra cookie on the group ride.  

Silicone nose insert to prevent sweaty slippage.  Aerodynamic and designed to fit comfortably with a helmet.  

Cap Made in Europe.  Mission™ Fabric, a polyester blend with a cotton hand feel.  One size fits most.    

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