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NYC Sharpie

The jersey Bicycling Magazine named one of its top

NYC Sharpie
NYC Sharpie
NYC Sharpie


The NYC Sharpie Magnum jersey. Sure these giant markers are great for making important pronouncements on bathroom walls and labeling very large moving boxes but it also beats the hell out of a mouse for drawing.  The classic cols and cycling byways of NYC scribbled on your Jersey like your Strava threw up on it. 

Determining your fit

Use a tape measure and once wrap around the chest at the largest point.
Measure the smallest part of the waist.


Altura Fabric - An extremely lightweight, supple material with 4-way stretch and excellent wicking prop
Hos Fabric - A performance material with directional stretch and a diamond pattern to help accentuate breathability
Stretch Fabric - A specially knitted, lightweight moisture management material with micro-compression that can be clean cut.

Care Instructions

Wash the whites and colors separately.
Always inside kits out and zipped up.
Do not tumble dry. Hang and air-dry instead.
Once dry, hang them up. Don’t fold kits.
Don’t use softeners, bleach or washing powders. If you can, avoid big commercial detergents consing enzymes like Tide. Instead, use enzyme-free detergents like Seventh Generation, Trader Joes or LeBlanc. This will ensure the colors will stay bright and the garment will last much longer, harsh detergenta age your kits far more than hard riding.

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