I Missed Brunch For This Lightweight Long-Sleeve Jersey

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Brunch is a competing hobby for our precious weekend morning hours. And whether you're thinking "I missed brunch for this 🎉" or " I missed brunch for this 😿",  it works equally well. We like to just keep everyone guessing, so we choose a basic sans-serif typeface. 

"3D Mesh" sleeves?
This jersey features a high-tech Italian-made 3D mesh sleeve that works its magic in Fall/Spring conditions. Perfect for temps of 50-70 degrees and of course it can work well as a layer in the winter paired with the right base layer and jacket. The mesh is dimpled not just for aerodynamics, but to allow your arms to stay warm while a little bit of cooler air is vented in. Sounds like a contradiction but it's a bit like the latest generation of carbon frames that offer a surprising amount of compliance (comfort) and stiffness at the same time. 

The color is peach, creamy pink. It looks great paired with a pair of black bibs or a pair of our cargo bibs like Eggplant or Basso Nova

We made this simple super-clean jersey in our fanciest platform; mesh sleeves and pockets and buttery smooth Italian fabric on the front and back. 

Care Instructions

Wash whites and dark colors separately in cold water.
Wash inside out and zipped up.
Do not tumble dry. Hang and dry instead.
Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.
Do not use softeners, washing powders and avoid big commercial detergents.
Do use enzyme-free detergents like Seventh Generation, Trader Joes or LeBlanc.

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