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Denim Bib


I started the day with a new pair of denim but usually got bored in 3rd period algebra and wrote all over them with a ball point pen.  Then on the way home I was going for this wicked disco flip on my new deck and ate it.  And that's how I get each pair of bibs to look this rad. They tend to run a little bit smaller than regular dyed bibs.

TourTek™ – A lightweight, moisture-wicking Lycra® fabric that moves with the body to provide the ultimate fit and flexibility. SunSmart™ technology is built into the fabric so it won’t wash out; the fibers provide UPF 30+ protection of the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB radiation.

ProGrip™ – Constructed of lightweight, laser-cut fabric, these bands feature a light silicone application to hold bands comfortably and securely in place against the skin.

Gel-Gripper™ – A flexible, non-slip strip that provides comfortable traction against any surface to help garments remain in place during activity. 

A polyester/Lycra® blended flat knit mesh with wide eyelet openings. This unique construction provides a combination of full coverage in a printable surface and excellent temperature regulation properties.

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