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Ordering Custom Kit

From small teams to large events, Ostroy Made-To-Order kit is a special service we offer to teams, events and shops who appreciate the value of a truly distinctive kit to brand themselves.

With each project we strive to make the design greater than the sum of its parts. The result is a design that doesn't look like a collection of logos but rather something that is unique and memorable, clearly broadcasting the message of your brand with simplicity and style.

Using the finest state-of-the-art Italian fabrics we work closely with our clients to create these original kits. Often times creating original logos in the process. We also offer more cost effective options for large events and charity rides when cost per unit becomes paramount.

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Selected Clients:



GFNY (or Gran Fondo New York) started as a fledgling "cycling marathon" in 2011. Since then it has grown into a cycling empire with over 17 franchisees in countries from Israel to Indonesia. The simple green and black branding has become iconic in the cycling world, unifying all of the different events and assets such as road signs, jerseys event posters, car wraps, ads, videos and websites into a instantly recognizable brand. Each year the new version of the kit, a variation of the green and black stripes, is revealed at an event in Times Square and the subsequent branding of each event follows suit. This serves as a brand refresh while remaining instantly recognizable as GFNY across all of the events. 

Maglia Rosa




WYLD STALLYNS are a team of elite racers who don't take themselves too seriously, thats probably why they named themselves after the fictional band in a Keanu Reeves movie. Through several iterations the kit has always been a crowd favorite and has helped build a large following on social media.  

Strictly Bicycles

Strictly Bikes is a high-end bicycle shop and boutique in Fort Lee, NJ. They wanted a custom kit that conveys the uniqueness of their brand with style and elegance. 

LA Sweat

LA Sweat wanted a tribute to 1970s fashion. We love the kit and the photo shoot was a blast. 


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