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Uber & Beer Jersey

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Uber & Beer Jersey
Uber & Beer Jersey
Uber & Beer Jersey


 Has this ever happened to you? You are at the coffee stop savoring the last sip and fishing the last chocolate chip out of your muffin as the conversation turns to the ride home. One friend suggests an additional gravel section, another wants to climb, but you are thinking what you could really go for is a cold beer and a ride home. 

Maybe I'm not the hardest of cyclists, but I'm sure everyone has had a few days like that too, right? Fear not we have the jersey for your kind.

The jersey has a subtle halftone pattern and looks great with a pair of black or dark blue bibs.

male fit mannequin female fit mannequin

Determining fit

Use a tape measure and once wrap around the chest at the largest point.
Measure the smallest part of the waist.



Altura Fabric - An extremely lightweight, supple material with 4-way stretch and excellent wicking properties
Hos Fabric - A performance material with directional stretch and a diamond pattern to help accentuate breathability
Stretch Fabric - A specially knitted, lightweight moisture management material with micro-compression that can be clean cut.

care instructions

Care Instructions

Wash whites and dark colors separately in cold water.
Wash inside out and zipped up.
Do not tumble dry. Hang and dry instead.
Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.
Do not use softeners, washing powders and avoid big commercial detergents.
Do use enzyme-free detergents like Seventh Generation, Trader Joes or LeBlanc.

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