Team Patch


Fifteen Years Ago, we launched an innovative cycling program by coupling group riding dynamics and individual fitness training. Since then we have introduced hundreds of new riders to racing, structured training and cycling skills and tactics.

For 2018 remain our title sponsor, and the NYC Velo bike shop is our supporting sponsor. This team has won the coveted Central Park CRCA B Cup six times. Along the way we have claimed dozens of victories and many podium finishes. This feat is all the more remarkable considering that the team begins each year with a diverse group of men with little to no racing experience; what they all share is the goal of becoming competitive cyclists.

Team Patch/NYC Velo 

is made up of Category 4 and 5 racers who are serious about improving and accomplishing their goals. Whether you want to ride a sub-30 minute time trial in Central Park or attain a podium finish  at a stage race, our team resources and coaches will help get you there.


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Fitness Testing

Your training will begin with a lactate threshold (LT) test to measure your power. Using scientifically proven methods, we will precisely determine the exercises necessary for emphasis in your training regimen. It is not uncommon to see improvements of 20% -50% in riders committed to their program.


Personal Training

Each athlete will have a personal online training diary, to be filled out every day in accordance with weekly workouts. You will be given daily exercises that will be closely monitored and tailored to your physiology and schedule. We realize that people have families and careers: we have trained many 

successful racers who have high-powered jobs, spouses and children. Through proper training, no time is wasted on the bike and results will come faster than to the same athlete who is just “riding” as opposed to training properly.


Group Training

In addition to the personal training there will be a series of rides highlighting group skills and tactics, all guided by expert racers and skilled riders. Over the decade we have designed a series of drills to teach new racers the tactical savvy and bike handling skills necessary for competition anywhere.

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What our athletes say:

“If you live in New York City and you want to learn how to race a bicycle, this program is the best place to start, period.”

-Rob Grover, Clinton Hill

“I have made huge gains working with the coaching staff, they really have helped me a learn a ton about base training in a periodization framework. The program is truly unique and they are also great people.”

-Kyle Peppo, UES
NYC cycling rookie of the year


“The world of cycling can be quite insular; this 

experience (of being on the team) was about the best 

introduction to cycling I could have wished for, I haven’t made this many new friends since grade school. An unexpected benefit was losing twenty-three pounds and improving my diet.”

-Ken Schneider, Jersey City


“Being on this team makes you feel like you’re at the center of the NYC cycling world, they always seem to know what is going on where and who is who. Everybody knows them and respects them, half the great riders in NYC come from this program, and some of that rubs of on you as soon as you put on that jersey. For me that meant a lot, because the cycling community can be tough to connect with.”


-Craig Richmond, Red Hook

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