"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well." Charles Eames

When it's done right, a great cycling kit can bring out the identity of your team, shop or event. You’ll make an impression on the bike, in your social media and on the podium. But more often than not, cycling kits are just an arrangement of sponsor logos hastily plotted on a generic template created by the manufacturers. That never made sense to us. If you were building a house, you wouldn't get your architect   at the lumberyard, you start with a design.

 Pink Street Kit and Custom De Rosa

Pink Street Kit and Custom De Rosa

The Poseur Design Process:

When it's done our way, designing a custom cycling kit can be a fun, engagingly creative process. The first step is to take stock of the personality of your team, shop, or event: "We are an Italian-style Gran Fondo looking to attract more recreational cyclists to our event" or "We are a team of young cyclocross racers with a chiropractor as our title sponsor" or "Our bike shop has a local clientele of gravel-riding, truck-driving middle aged guys".  The goal is to create an identity that does more than simply look good, it has to represent and help to define your brand as well. 

Next you will need to collect any assets you may need for the design. Assets are logos from sponsors (digital or physical), and specific color requirements. Many of the kits you see in the gallery have original logos we produced for the specific kit, so let us know which logos already exist and which will need to be created.

If you have an existing relationship with a kit manufacturer we probably already have their templates and in most cases we have worked with them before. We can also recommend a cycling kit manufacturer that we feel is best suited to you based on your needs and quantities; this is often the most economical way to get jerseys manufactured.

The design process takes about two weeks. First we sequester ourselves; researching, drawing and experimenting until we have three to five strong directions we feel would work for you. These directions are presented to you for review. You choose one and then the cycle of design and review is repeated until everyone is happy with the kit. The final design is implemented in the manufacturer's templates with the appropriate colors codes and specifications by us so all you have to do is tell us the quantities and which items (vest, arm warmers, tights, long and short sleeve jerseys etc.) you would like and we will take care of the rest. We can even set up a shop so each person can buy what they need separately.

To begin the process please send inquires here - we are happy to answer all your questions.


"Thanks to the great work Poseur did on our kits our team has become much more recognizable and we have seen a significant increase in sponsors and social media followers."

"My experience has been very positive, first I take a lot of pride in wearing my team kit now. Our sponsor actually gave up on their existing logo in favor of the re-imagined version Poseur created."

"Last year we had the manufacturers "Artists" design the kits and they looked like they came out of a cookie cutter, Poseur really gave our shop a distinctive style and turned us into an identifiable brand."